Yara Marine Technologies
TheThe complete abatement specialist with technology to clean all exhaust gas emissions, - to safeguard all marine environments and prepare ship owners for the IMO’s new 0,5% global Sulphur limit.

Exhaust Gas Treatment for Marine vessels

The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions. Authorities around the world are addressing air pollution by introducing stricter emission limits. Yara's abatement technologies reduce these harmful exhaust gases by up to 99 percent, thereby helping safeguard life and the environment.


Latest News

MSC Fantasia receives bureau veritas' med certificate after passing exhaust gas cleaning system marpol test

As part of MSC Cruises’ continuous drive to improve environmental performance, MSC Fantasia and MSC Preziosa are the fleet’s first ships to be retrofitted with hybrid Yara Marine Technologies’ SOx exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Gaselle 2016

Yara Marine Technologies is proud to have been named one of the Gaselle 2016

Yara Marine Technologies is proud to be one of the Norwegian companies named “Gaselle 2016”.

Norwegian Cruise Line completes retrofit job of SOx scrubbers on five of their cruise vessels

According to an article on Cruiseindustrynews.com, Norwegian Cruise Line has completed the retrofitting of exhaust gas cleaning technology on two more of its vessels...

Meet the Yara Marine Technologies R&D crew!

We are a small but fast growing exhaust gas cleaning specialist. Our highly skilled engineers come from a diverse maritime technical background and...


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