Yara Marine Technologies
TheThe complete abatement specialist with technology to clean all exhaust gas emissions, - to safeguard all marine environments and prepare ship owners for the IMO’s new 0,5% global Sulphur limit.

Exhaust Gas Treatment for Marine vessels

The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions. Authorities around the world are addressing air pollution by introducing stricter emission limits. Yara's abatement technologies reduce these harmful exhaust gases by up to 99 percent, thereby helping safeguard life and the environment.


SOx Scrubbers

Reduce SOx (Sulphur dioxide) emissions from ship’s engine(s) with Yara’s Green Tech Marine® inline scrubbers. Our SOx scrubbers reduce SOx emissions to 0,1% - which adheres to IMO strict regulations.

NOxCare 40 Marine SCR: Engineering assistance and supply of SCR systems

Our NOx abatement solutions reduce NOx emissions by up to 99%. Design of SCR technology solutions during vessel design/retrofit, based on extensive maritime experience.

NOxCare Marine Maintenance and Servicing

Advanced catalyst management for reduced operational costs, onboard services, training and maintenance, and spare parts.

NOxCare 40 Marine (AUS 40)

Reliable Supply of NOxCare 40 Marine during the operation of a vessel (delivered according to ISO 18611-1-3 Marine NOx reduction agent AUS 40).


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