Reducing operational costs

Yara Marine scrubber technology - reducing cost 

Installing the Yara Marine scrubber system will  allow ship-owners to comply with IMO’s strict 0,1% Sulphur regulation and at the same time continue to grow their business profitably. This means that ship-owners can continue to tank their vessels with cheap heavy fuel oil and therefore save fueling cost dramatically.

In zero discharge water the Yara scrubber will automatically switch to a closed loop cycle where an alkali must be added to ensure the scrubbing process of the seawater continues.

Yara Marine Technologies offers the only scrubber in the market that is designed with the option of using the environmental friendly and hazard free Magnesium Oxide (MgO) as alkali instead of caustic soda when scrubber is working in closed loop.

Using MgO as the alkali for the scrubber also guarantees operational cost savings both consumption and storage wise, as it only requires one quarter of the corresponding caustic soda amount.
The Yara Marine Technologies’ scrubber is also produced with hi-tech stainless steel materials that provide long term durability in line with the vessel’s lifetime hence reducing the risk of corrosion breakdown and expensive replacement cost.