NOx Reduction

NOx removal in Marine Engines

Reduce NOx (Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide) emissions from ship's engines with NOxCare® Marine, Yara's complete Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and services.

Marine NOx Regulations

NOx emissions from shipping are increasingly regulated in NECAs (NOx Emission Control Areas). From 2016, new IMO Tier III requirements state that all new builds must comply with NOx emission requirements in territorial waters. Canadian authorities and the United-States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is already implementing a North American and U.S. Carribean NECA,  imposing stringent NOx emission limits. Other NECAs are bound to follow, as IMO regulations will be adopted around the globe. Yara’s NOxCare Marine is the total solution for ship owners and operators seeking to meet these new and emerging regulatory requirements.

SCR Systems – A Proven Technology

  • SCR systems reduce Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide emissions (NOx emissions).
  • SCR systems can achieve more than 99% NOx emission reduction from fuel combustion processes.
  • SCR technology is proven, compact and commonly used in hundreds of vessels, both on propulsion and auxiliary engines. Yara has delivered more than 1500 systems on board more than 375 vessels and is by far the market leader in the maritime industry.
  • SCR systems are also used to control NOx from land-based engines (heavy-duty vehicles, industrial combustion plants).

Our NOxCare Marine SCR systems are designed to be cost-efficient, robust, compact and easy to operate. Whether planning a new build or retrofitting an existing ship, our experts can help you ensure your vessel complies with maritime environmental regulations for removal of NOx.

NOx reduction agent – reliable supply

Yara’s NOxCare Marine builds upon decades of expertise in NOx control technology and reagent production and supply. NOxCare 40 is Yara’s high-purity urea solution delivered according to AUS40 ISO 18611 for NOx reduction in marine SCR systems. Our global supply platform means you have the reagent you require, where and when you need it.

Yara offers a complete maritime NOx abatement solution package:

  • NOxCare Marine SCR: Engineering assistance and supply of SCR systems. Design of SCR technology solutions during vessel design/retrofit, based on extensive maritime experience. Supply and installation of complete SCR systems including actor, all necessary auxiliaries and storage solution.
  • NOxCare 40: Reliable Supply of NOxCare 40, Yara's high-purity urea solution delivered according to AUS40 ISO 18611 for maritime use during the operation of a vessel.
  • Supply of SCR aftermarket service and spares during vessel operation.