Operationals Costs

Lower operational costs

NOxCare Marine offers a cost efficient and effective alternative to meet the IMO NOx regulations and to avoid local environmental taxes. SCR is the only technology that offers a positive solution to the trade off between fuel consumption and NOx reduction and thus does not increase fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and particulates (soot).

We offer training to ensure optimal operational performance onboard your vessel. Our experts are available for assistance to ensure that your system runs smoothly. The result for you is optimal performance and lower operational costs.

Why choose NOxCare SCR systems?

  • Complete tailor-made systems.
  • Specialised chemical and catalyst know-how in house.
  • Fits to all engine types.
  • More than 1000 systems installed worldwide.
  • Long time experience.
  • Market leader of maritime SCR Systems.

With our NOxCare SCR systems we can guarantee compliance with the future IMO requirements already today.