Why choose SCR

Why choose SCR technology for reducing NOx emissions?

Approaching Zero NOx Emissions with SCR technology

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the only technology currently available to fulfil the most strict NOx requirements. Yara's NOxCare Marine offer is based on SCR technology and is applicable to all vessel types, both new builds and retrofits, reducing NOx emissions by up to 99%.

Marine SCR Facts:

  • It has been used globally in maritime applications since the early 1990s.
  • It is an established technology installed in more than 5400 vessels.
  • It is a common standard on vessels operating in Scandinavia, where local taxation schemes encourage emission reduction.
  • It is a recommended standard solution for NOx emission reduction in vessels (BAT).
  • It requires global availability of a reagent, which is used with the technology.

For more general information about the acceptance of Marine SCR Technology, visit the IACCSEA website.

How does Yara's Marine SCR system work?

NOxCare Marine uses NOxCare SCR together with injected NOxCare 40, a high purity urea solution manufactured by ourselves, to reduce NOX. The system is installed between the engine and the exhaust outlet. The exhaust gas passes through the catalyst where the NOx is converted into harmless Nitrogen and water.

SCR Systems - A Proven Technology

  • SCR systems reduce nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions (NOx emissions).
  • SCR systems can achieve more than 99% NOx emission reduction from fuel combustion processes.
  • SCR Technology is proven, compact and commonly used in hundreds of vessels, both on propulsion and auxiliary engines. Yara has delivered more than 1300 systems on board more than 350 vessels and is by far the market leader to the maritime industry.
  • SCR systems are also used to control NOx from land-based engines (heavy-duty vehicles, industrial combustion plants).

Our NOxCare Marine SCR systems are designed to be cost-efficient, robust, compact and easy to operate. Whether planning a new build or retrofitting an existing ship, our experts can help you ensure your vessel complies with maritime environmental regulations for removal of NOx.