Reagents for SCR Technology

NOxCare Marine: the total DeNOx package

Our NOxCare Marine brand is a complete NOx control solution specifically for our shipping clients. NOxCare Marine includes:

NOxCare SCR Systems

  1. Marine engine SCR design, construction and installation.
  2. NOxCare 40 Marine: Yara’s high-purity, specially developed urea solution for use as a marine SCR NOx reduction reagent.
  3. Service and spare-parts: delivery, spare parts, maintenance and technical support to help maintain your marine vessel’s SCR system and ensure optimal operation performance.

Need urea solution for your Marine SCR system to reduce your NOx emissions?

NOx reduction agent – Reliable Supply

Yara’s NOxCare Marine builds upon decades of expertise in NOx control technology and reagent production and supply. NOxCare 40 is Yara’s high-purity urea solution delivered according to AUS40 ISO 18611 for NOx reduction in marine SCR systems. Our global supply platform means you have the reagent you require, where and when you need it.

Read more on NOxCare 40 Marine (AUS40), our NOx reduction reagent for marine engine SCR systems

SCR Servicing in Marine Vessels

A regular and preventive maintenance is a cost efficient way of maintaining your SCR installation, and its performance, in compliance with existing regulations. Your Urea consumption can also be optimized by regular checks and fine-tunings.
Our team of highly skilled Service Engineers can provide you with the service and the support you need to run your SCR system at the lowest possible cost.
We offer packages including service, reagent, catalyst and spare parts at very competitive prices.
Yara SCR Services can also provide onboard training and familiarization for the ship’s crew in order for them to be able to detect early, and to identify the reasons behind, any operation disturbances.
Contact our NOx control experts today for Marine SCR systems, NOxCare 40 Marine or additional NOx Reduction services.