Yara SOx scrubber calculator

At Yara Marine Technologies we appreciate the complexity of the process of deciding on the correct abatement technology, and to ease the decision process for our potential customers we have developed a tool to help calculate the payback time when investing in a SOx scrubber from Yara Marine.

SOx scrubber

By inserting a set of values that are unique for your ship, such as time in the ECA’s, fuel Sulphur content, fuel consumption etc, the Yara SOx payback calculator will tell you how long it will take for the return on this investment to take effect. The more precise the details entered into the calculator are, the more precise the feedback will become.

SOx scrubber return on investment

Experienced Yara Marine Sales Engineers will be happy to demonstrate the Yara SOx scrubber payback calculator and help you identify whether investing in a SOx scrubber is the best financial solution for your exhaust gas emission control needs.

Please contact us at info@yaramarine.com for a free and uncommitted demonstration.

Yara Marine SOx scrubber calculation presentation