Exhaust Gas Treatment in Marine Vessels

NOx Reduction - Reducing Nitrogen oxides at Sea

Our NOx cleansing solutions reduce NOx emissions by up to 99%.

Ships are heavy emitters. We are the market leader in marine NOx reduction technology with a unique emission abatement solution and experience from more than 1500 reference projects. Our solutions will reduce NOx emissions from a vessel by up to 99%.

Trust the track-record:

  • Over 1500 Marine SCR systems installed worldwide.
  • The world leader in NOx reducing agent production and distribution.

 SOx Reduction – Cutting Sulphur oxides in Marine Vessels

Our Sox scrubbers reduce Sox emissions to 0,1% - adhering to IMO strict regulations.

Yara Marine scrubbers will make any ship ready for IMO’s new Sulphur regulations proposed for 2020. The tailor made installation can handle fuel Sulphur content up to 3,5%, will fit any engine size and vessel type with an extremely small footprint not affecting passenger or cargo space. Yara Marine scrubbers offer the safest handling with the highest quality anti corrosion steel component with the same lifetime as the ship to which its installed. The Yara Marine scrubber is the obvious choice for effective and efficient Sox reduction.

 Trust the track-record:

  • Nearly 100 scrubber systems installed worldwide.
  • Can handle fuel Sulphur content up to 3,5%
  • The only scrubber in the market that allows Magnesium Oxide as alkali in closed loop.