SOx Reduction

SOx removal in Marine Vessels

Reduce your ship’s Sulphur Oxide emission below the strictest  IMO requirements by installing a Yara Sox scrubber.

The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic Nitrogen and Sulphur Oxides that can be harmful to the Marine Environment specifically, but also cause harm to human health and  the world’s ecosystem at large.

Yara Marine specializes in production of SOx scrubbers that reduce the harmful Sulphur emission and help safeguard all elements of the marine life. By installing a Yara SOx scrubber, ship owners can continue to operate on heavy fuel oil instead of the more costly marine gas oil and at the same time still adhere to the IMO strictest 0,1% Sulphur regulation.

Yara red ship

Yara Marine Technologies offer a complete portfolio of SOx Scrubber technology, installation and services. By installing Yara scrubbers, the shipowner can rest assured the ship will not only meet IMO's current regulations, but will also be able to comply when the 0,5 global limit is activated in 2020 or 2025.

Key considerations:

  • Our inline scrubber can handle any Sulphur content in the fuel up to 3,5% in both open and closed loop mode.
  • We offer high quality scrubbers at competitive prices, with the lowest lifecycle cost in the market.
  • Because our in-line scrubbers have no moving parts or bypass, they are easily installed in the funnel area.
  • Our standard is to use high grade stainless steel, and we can offer extended guarantees against corrosion.
  • The inline scrubber system only requires the same space as the silencer (approximately) that it replaces, simplifying installation.
  • Yara scrubbers are the only scrubbers working with harmless Magnesium Oxide as alkali in closed loop and no dangerous caustic soda is required. MgO is supplied as powder, and is easily available all across the globe.
  • Magnesium Oxide as alkali requires less storage space than Caustic Soda.
  • Lower operational cost when using Magnesium Oxide as the usage is only ¼ of the corresponding cost of Caustic Soda.