SOx Scrubber systems

By installing the Yara SOx scrubber system shipowners can continue to operate on heavy fuel oil instead of the more costly marine gas oil while staying below the strict IMO requirements regarding sulphur emissions.
The Yara scrubber system will make it easy to meet new environmental regulations by replacing your ship’s exhaust silencer – with no structural modifications required.
The scrubber technology works by passing the dirty exhaust gas stream created by the engine through several chambers that contain a carefully generated ‘scrubbing cloud’ of water. Inside these chambers, a high number of droplets rapidly capture the errant particles in the process stream.  Our inline scrubber system can operate in a continuous open loop, closed loop and during a predetermined period, be switched to operate as a zero-discharge system. Seawater is used to cool the scrubber water in circulation. The automation system during commissioning is optimized to the lowest possibly energy consumption and keeps the emissions within stipulated limits, regardless of Sulphur content in the fuel, engine load or water alkalinity.

The scrubber is a hybrid scrubber and can operate in both open and closed loop.
Closed loop to be used while in port and during maneuvering re-circulating the
water already within the scrubber.

When at sea, switching to open loop again.

There is no need for water treatment in open loop since the natural alkalinity
of seawater neutralizes the acid. Wash water is continuously monitored at the
inlet and the outlet to make sure it is in line with the criteria of MEPC 184 before
it is discharged into the sea with no harm to the environment.